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GetRates Method

Returns rate information for a specified or all available services.


public void GetRates();
Public Sub GetRates()


To get the courtesy rate quotes for Canada Post's services, call the GetRates method. If rates are needed for a specific service type, set the RequestedService property to the value you need the rates for (other than 0 : stUnspecified). The RequestedService property identifies the specific service for which you want to retrieve rate information.

If the rates are wanted for all available services, set RequestedService to 0 (stUnspecified). The server response will include a list of services, their associated rate, and guaranteed delivery time (if available).

The following properties are applicable:

If the recipient CountryCode is CA or US, the PostalCode is required.

The Services collection is populated when this method returns.

.NET Standard Notes

To call this method in an asynchronous manner call GetRatesAsync instead. When the method completes (or an error is encountered) the GetRatesCompleted event will fire.

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