QuickBooks Integrator 2020 .NET Edition

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DepositToAccountName Property

The account to which the payment should be deposited.


public string DepositToAccountName { get; set; }
Public Property DepositToAccountName As String

Default Value



The account to which the payment should be deposited, e.g., "Checking". Name/Id Reference Properties

This property is used to reference an object that is already done within QuickBooks. This may be done with its full Name (this property) or its Id, for which a corresponding property is defined. If Name is used, it must contain the full name of the object referred to, as generated by QuickBooks. For hierarchically defined objects, such as Customers, this includes the names of parent objects, and the full name can be determined by reading the FullName special field.

Setting the value of this property will set the corresponding Id property to an empty string.

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