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AutoApply Property

How the payment should be applied.


public ReceivepaymentAutoApplies AutoApply { get; set; }

enum ReceivepaymentAutoApplies { aaNotSet, aaFutureTransactions, aaExistingTransactions, aaCustom }
Public Property AutoApply As ReceivepaymentAutoApplies

Enum ReceivepaymentAutoApplies aaNotSet aaFutureTransactions aaExistingTransactions aaCustom End Enum

Default Value



How the payment should be applied. The following values are permitted:

aaCustom (3)Manually specify how the payment should be applied. Use the AppliedTo property to specify each transaction this Receive Payment applies to.
aaExistingTransactions (2)Apply the payment to existing customer transactions (e.g., invoices). QuickBooks will automatically apply the payment to appropriate transactions, which will be reported in the AppliedToTransactions special field after Add is invoked.
aaFutureTransactions (1)Apply the payment to future transactions; i.e., set a credit for the customer.
aaNotSet (0)The default value. You must change the value of AutoApply before it is used in Add transactions.

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