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CheckRequestStatus Method

Checks whether or not the specified request was processed by QuickBooks.


public string CheckRequestStatus(string requestId);
Public Function CheckRequestStatus(ByVal RequestId As String) As String


This method allows the user to determine whether a previous request was successfully processed by QuickBooks. Ordinarily QuickBooks either processes requests successfully or returns an error, but in the event of a power outage or other system failure, QuickBooks might or might not have time to process a request before issuing a response.

QuickBooks stores internally a list of QBRequestIds for which it has processed a request, and updated its internal state accordingly. Use of this method allows the user to query the list for any RequestId whose value is known.

The method returns a string corresponding to the result of the query. If the request was processed successfully, an empty string ("") will be returned. If the request was not processed, the string "Request not processed." will be returned. If the request was processed but an error occurred, a string containing the error code and a description will be returned; for example, "801: A QuickBooks internal error has occurred."

See QBRequestId for more information on error recovery.

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