4D Accounting SDK 2020 .NET Edition

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VendorAddress Property

Address of vendor.


public string VendorAddress { get; set; }
Public Property VendorAddress As String

Default Value



The address of the Vendor from whom goods are ordered. The address is stored as a string, formatted as XML. It may be read and written directly, or with the Address component.

To read an address, set the Aggregate property of an Address component to this value, and read the values of the desired fields. To write an address, write the values of the desired Address fields and set this property to the Address's Aggregate.

To read and/or write directly, use the QBXML formatting: <Addr1>Line1</Addr1><Addr2>Line2</Addr2><Addr3>Line3</Addr3> <City>City</City><State>State</State><PostalCode>PostalCode</PostalCode> <Country>Country</Country>

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