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QBRequestMode Property

Defines whether the request is made online or stored offline.


public PurchaseorderQBRequestModes QBRequestMode { get; set; }

enum PurchaseorderQBRequestModes { rmOnline, rmOffline }
Public Property QBRequestMode As PurchaseorderQBRequestModes

Enum PurchaseorderQBRequestModes rmOnline rmOffline End Enum

Default Value



This property defines the behavior of the component when calling a method. Possible values are:

0 (rmOnline - default) The request is made normally.
1 (rmOffline) The request is generated but not sent, and QBRequestAggregate is populated.

The use of offline mode is required when using the QBWCServer component. This allows requests to be generated and passed to QuickBooks Web Connector through the QBWCServer component.

For normal communication to QuickBooks either directly or through the QBConnector application use the default online mode.

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