QuickBooks Integrator 2020 .NET Edition

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Get Method

Gets a single record from QuickBooks.


public void Get(string id);
Public Sub Get(ByVal Id As String)


Get may be used to retrieve a single object from QuickBooks, based on its RefId. When the method is called, a search will be initiated for the requested object. If it is found, all properties of the component will be set to the information retrieved from QuickBooks. The QBResponseAggregate property will also be set to the entire QBXML aggregate received from QuickBooks.

The RefId of any component, or the Id of any reference property, may be used for the parameter. So for example, the following pseudocode would get customer information for a Customer listed on an Invoice:

Customer.Get( Invoice.CustomerId )

The GetByName method, present only in entity objects (Customer, Vendor, and Employee) and QBObject, may be used to get an object based on its Name. To retrieve multiple objects, to retrieve transaction objects whose RefId is not known, or to perform more advanced searches the ObjSearch component may be used.

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