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QBRequestId Property

The Id of the next message to be sent to QuickBooks.


public string QBRequestId { get; set; }
Public Property QBRequestId As String

Default Value



The next message Id to be sent to QuickBooks. Message Id's are used by CheckRequestStatus to check on the status of previously made requests.

This property allows the user to determine whether a previous request was successfully processed by QuickBooks. Ordinarily QuickBooks either processes requests successfully or returns an error, but in the event of a power outage or other system failure, QuickBooks might or might not have time to process a request before issuing a response.

QuickBooks stores internally a list of QBRequestIds for which it has processed a request, and updated its internal state accordingly. Use of this property in conjunction with CheckRequestStatus allows the user to query this internal list.

To enable error recovery, the user application should store the value of QBRequestId before submitting a request to QuickBooks. If a system failure occurs, CheckRequestStatus should be called with this value of QBRequestId to find whether the request was processed before the system failed.

Unique values for QBRequestId will be generated on startup and after each request to QuickBooks. The automatically generated value may be overwritten by the user. Error checking may be turned off by setting QBRequestId equal to the empty string. See CheckRequestStatus for more information on error recovery.

This property is not available at design time.

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