QuickBooks Integrator 2020 .NET Edition

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Cancel Method

Cancels (voids) the transaction.


public void Cancel();
Public Sub Cancel()


Cancel causes the transaction to be voided in QuickBooks. The amount of the transaction and all line item quantities are changed to zero, and the memo is changed to "VOID:". The transaction will not, however, be deleted.

The transaction canceled in QuickBooks is the one specified by RefId. If the value of RefId is known then Get should first be called to retrieve the transaction. Otherwise the ObjSearch component should be used to search for the desired transaction in the QuickBooks database.

As the QuickBooks response to Cancel does not include the updated transaction, the values of all properties are instead set to their defaults. To get a copy of the updated transaction, the value of RefId should first be stored, and then Get should be called.

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