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Employee Component

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An Employee is anyone who works for the QuickBooks company.




The Employee component represents a company employee.

Required Fields (Add): EmployeeName

Supported Methods: Add, Update (contact info only), Get (Id/Name), Delete

Example (Adding an employee to QuickBooks)

Employee1.EmployeeName = "John Smith"
EmployeeName will automatically be parsed into a first name, last name, etc. by the component, so setting EmployeeName to "Smith, John" or to "John Smith" will have the same effect. Other contact information such as Address, Phone, and Email may be set or modified as well.

The SSN may be set when an employee is Added, but it may not be modified or even seen afterward, as it is considered sensitive information.

To retrieve an Employee, call the Get method with the employee's name as a parameter. This parameter will automatically be parsed in the same way as EmployeeName, so calling Get on "Smith, Mary A." will successfully retrieve "Mary A. Smith". The customer will be downloaded from QuickBooks, and all properties (except SSN) will be set.

The component may also be used to update contact information or to delete an employee by using the Update and Delete methods, respectively. To update contact information, first load the employee's information using Get or the ObjSearch component. Then change the value of one or more of the properties, and call Update to update the information. Note that not all properties can be updated using the component.

To search for Employees, the ObjSearch Component may be used.

Property List

The following is the full list of the properties of the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AccountNumberAccount number for this entity.
AddressAddress of employee.
AltPhoneAlternate phone number of entity.
EarningsPayroll property: Employee Earnings.
EmailEmail address of entity.
EmployeeNameEmployee's name.
EmployeeTypeType of employee.
GenderGender of Employee .
HiredDateDate employee was hired.
IsActiveWhether or not entity is active.
NotesNotes for this transaction.
PayPeriodPayroll property: Indicates how often employees are paid.
PayrollClassIdPayroll property: class of the employee payroll info.
PayrollClassNamePayroll property: class of the employee payroll info.
PhonePhone number of entity.
QBConnectionStringAn aggregate consisting of various QuickBooks connection properties.
QBRequestAggregateThe request aggregate.
QBRequestIdThe Id of the next message to be sent to QuickBooks.
QBRequestModeDefines whether the request is made online or stored offline.
QBResponseAggregateThe last QBXML response aggregate received from QuickBooks.
QBXMLVersionThe version of QBXML used in the outgoing message.
RefIdAn alphanumerical identifier generated by the server.
ReleasedDateDate employee was released.
SickTimeThis property contains information about an employee's sick time.
SSNSocial security number.
UseTimeDataToCreatePaychecksPayroll property: Indicates whether time data is used to create paychecks for this employee.
VacationTimeThis property contains information about an employee's vacation time.

Method List

The following is the full list of the methods of the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AddAdds the record into QuickBooks.
CheckRequestStatusChecks whether or not the specified request was processed by QuickBooks.
CloseQBConnectionCloses a persistent connection to QuickBooks.
ConfigSets or retrieves a configuration setting.
DeleteDeletes the record from QuickBooks.
GetGets a single record from QuickBooks.
GetByNameGets a single record from QuickBooks.
GetCustomFieldGets a custom field value from QuickBooks.
ImportQBXMLImports a QBXML response aggregate.
OpenQBConnectionOpens a persistent connection to QuickBooks.
ResetResets all properties to their defaults.
SetCustomFieldSets a custom field value within QuickBooks.
UpdateUpdates the entity object in QuickBooks.

Event List

The following is the full list of the events fired by the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

ErrorInformation about errors during data delivery.
SSLServerAuthenticationFired after the server presents its certificate to the client.
SSLStatusShows the progress of the secure connection.
StatusShows the progress of the QuickBooks connection.
WarningFired when a warning occurs.

Configuration Settings

The following is a list of configuration settings for the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AppendAfterAppends an XML tag after the specified QBXML element.
AuthFlagsConnection Flags (use for QuickBooks Simple Start).
BirthDateThe employee's date of birth.
ClearEarningsFlagClears all employee earning records.
EditSequenceAn identifier for this copy of the object.
EnforceMaxLengthIndicates whether to enforce max lengths for QB Fields.
FaxThe employee's fax number.
FirstNameA first name.
GetHighestVersionHighest QBXMLVersion supported by the installed instance of QuickBooks.
GetRequestProcessorDLLVersionReturns the version of the QB Request Processor that is installed on your system.
GetSupportedVersionsReturns a list of QBXMLVersions that are supported by QuickBooks.
IsActiveIndicates whether the object is currently enabled for use by QuickBooks.
IsReadOnlyThis causes the QuickBooks authorization dialog to display text informing the user that its access will be read-only.
JobTitleThe employee's job title.
LastNameA last name.
MiddleInitialA middle initial.
MobileThe employee's mobile phone number.
PagerThe employee's pager number.
PagerPINA personal identification number for the employee's pager.
PersonalDataPrefWhether the connecting application will require access to personal data such as SSN or credit card information.
PrintAsThe name to be printed.
QBConnectionModeThe mode of connection to QuickBooks.
QBFileStatusThe status of the company file as it pertains to accepting connections.
QBOpenCompanyFileThe file currently open in QuickBooks.
SalutationA salutation, such as Mr., Mrs., etc.
SendRawXMLSends specified XML to quickbooks without modification.
SSLAcceptServerCertThe SSL certificate being used by the QuickBooks Gateway (aka Remote Connector).
SSLAcceptServerCertFileThe SSL certificate file being used by the QuickBooks Gateway (aka Remote Connector).
StopOnErrorSpecifies how QuickBooks is to proceed if an error occurs in processing of the current request.
TimeCreatedThe time the object was created.
TimeModifiedThe time the object was created.
UnattendedModePrefWhether connecting while QuickBooks is closed is required or optional for the user.
WarningCodesA comma-separated list of QuickBooks warning codes that should not result in an exception.
BuildInfoInformation about the product's build.
GUIAvailableTells the component whether or not a message loop is available for processing events.
LicenseInfoInformation about the current license.
UseInternalSecurityAPITells the component whether or not to use the system security libraries or an internal implementation.

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