QuickBooks Integrator 2020 .NET Edition

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Update Method

Updates the bill in QuickBooks.


public void Update();
Public Sub Update()


This method will update the bill in QuickBooks.

When the method is called, an Update request will be submitted to QuickBooks. The bill will have its information updated based on the various property values.

If QuickBooks is able to update the object, it will return a copy of the object, and the values of all properties will be reset from the QuickBooks response. The QBResponseAggregate property will also be set to the entire QBXML aggregate received from QuickBooks.

QBXMLVersion must be set to "3.0" or greater to update a bill. Moreover, QBXMLVersion should be set to the same value when retrieving the bill from QuickBooks (either through ObjSearch or through the Get method).

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