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Warning Event

Fired when a warning occurs.


public event OnWarningHandler OnWarning;

public delegate void OnWarningHandler(object sender, CcchargeWarningEventArgs e);

public class CcchargeWarningEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public int Code { get; }
  public string Description { get; }
Public Event OnWarning As OnWarningHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnWarningHandler(sender As Object, e As CcchargeWarningEventArgs)

Public Class CcchargeWarningEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Code As Integer
  Public ReadOnly Property Description As String
End Class


The Warning event is fired when the component has produced, or will produce, possibly unexpected results.

Warnings may be generated by QuickBooks or the component. Starred warning codes correspond to warnings and warning codes generated by QuickBooks.

510*Object added successfully, but cannot now be read.
520*Insufficient permissions to get all data.
801 Unable to update field (name).
802Unable to parse name.

Unlisted QuickBooks warnings will cause the component to throw an exception instead.

Warning 801 will be thrown if the user attempts to Update properties that cannot be updated. For example, the following code will cause this warning to be fired:

Customer1.GetByName("Joe Smith")
Customer1.Email = "joe@abc.com"  'ok
Customer1.CreditLimit = "200.00" 'Not used in Update operations!
Only the email address will be updated, and the credit limit will be unchanged. Each property description for entity objects lists whether or not it is used in Update operations.

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