QuickBooks Integrator 2020 .NET Edition

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Add Method

Adds the Inventory Adjustment into QuickBooks.


public void Add();
Public Sub Add()


Add is used to add an Inventory Adjustment transaction into to QuickBooks.

If QuickBooks is able to add the Inventory Adjustment, it will return a copy of the adjustment, and the values of all properties will be reset from the QuickBooks response. The QBResponseAggregate property will also be set to the entire QBXML aggregate received from QuickBooks.

Please note that this component is adding an inventory adjustment transaction into QuickBooks. This is fundamentally different from modifying an inventory item. QuickBooks does not allow the direct manipulation of inventory item quantities or values, but rather it maintains a history of the transactions that modify the inventory items.

Furthermore, these transactions record only the difference in value or quantity that was added or removed. Current and previous quantities and values for inventory items are not recorded or returned. Only the difference is recorded. Please see the QuantityDifference and ValueDifference fields for more information.

If QuickBooks is not able to add the Inventory Adjustment, the component will throws an exception.

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