QuickBooks Integrator 2020 .NET Edition

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AdjustInventory Errors


The following errors may be generated by the component. Note that frequently the error message will contain more specific information than what is listed here.

AdjustInventory Errors

101   String too long.
103   Invalid date format (YYYY-MM-DD is standard).
104   Invalid value for enumerated field.
105   Invalid integer.
106   Invalid dollar amount.
107   Invalid boolean value (must be 'true' or 'false').
108   Invalid number.
111   Invalid special characters in string.
112   Invalid special field syntax.
181   Could not load certificate file.
201   Required field unspecified.
211   Unsupported field specified.
301   Array line count must be nonnegative.
302   Array index out of bounds.
303   Invalid field index.
401   Field not accessible as a special field.
402   Write access attempted of readonly field.
403   Read access attempted of writeonly field.
421   The object cannot be modified.
511   The QBRequestId has been previously used. Please generate a new one.
601   Could not access QuickBooks.
602   Could not open specified file.
603   The version of QuickBooks currently being used is not supported.
604   QuickBooks has not been installed properly.
605   The specified file was of an incorrect version.
606   Could not start QuickBooks.
607   QuickBooks is open in a mode different than the one requested.
608   QuickBooks cannot currently be accessed.
609   An application name must be specified.
610   A file name must be specified if one is not currently open in QuickBooks.
611   Access denied.
612   QuickBooks is busy and cannot open your application in the mode requested.
699   The connection to QuickBooks has failed for an unknown reason.
702   The object requested does not exist in QuickBooks.
751   Unsupported QBXML version.
752   The QBXMLVersion chosen is insufficient to execute the request.
801   A QuickBooks internal error has occurred.
802   QuickBooks is not available due to a system-related problem.
803   The Id specified is invalid.
804   Invalid object name.
805   The name already exists in QuickBooks.
807   An object could not be found in QuickBooks.
808   A reference did not refer to an object that exists in QuickBooks.
809   The object is currently in use by the QuickBooks end user.
810   The object may not be added.
811   The object may not be updated because it is obsolete.
812   The address is invalid.
813   Permission to perform this operation is not granted.
814   The request has not been processed.
815   Time creation mismatch.
816   The feature is turned off or not enabled.
817   Permission level configured is insufficient for access.
818    The item specified was of an unknown type.
819   The object may not be changed.
820   An internal QuickBooks error has occurred.
821   An attempt was made to use a connection that was not properly initiated.
822   An attempt was made to use a connection that is invalid or was previously closed.
823   Not enough memory.
824   Unable to lock the necessary information to allow this application access to the company file. Try again later.
850   An older version of QuickBooks 2002 is being used. Please download the latest update from Intuit.
851   The QuickBooks request processor was not found. Check that QuickBooks Pro 2002 or higher is installed on your system.
861   Server error on WebExport (details follow).
862   The WebExport is impossible: an HTTP context was not found.
871   You may not set the value of QBConnectionTicket. This value is readonly.
880   Interrupted by the user.
881   An error has occurred connecting to a remote machine.
899   An unknown QuickBooks error has occurred. The message contains more details.
901   XML Parser Error. Should not occur under normal circumstances.

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